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About SRM

A constant effort to care better

  • SRM Medical College Hospital & Research Centre is the teaching hospital of SRM Medical College.
  • We started in 2005 with compassion and empathy for human life as our core values.
  • Our 32-acre SRM IST campus houses 1590 beds providing tertiary care along with 24x7 emergency and trauma care.
  • We provide treatments across 52 departments including Superspeciality departments like Cardiology, Nephrology, Urology, Neurosurgery etc.
  • The hospital is located inside the 32-acre campus of SRM IST and is surrounded by medical and health sciences colleges which are a part of 7 colleges.
  • It is the largest hospital in Chengalpattu district and can serve over 3,00,000 in and around Kattankulanthur.
  • The hospital is a brilliant platform to change the world for better by offering excellent treatment while improving the careers of our healthcare experts.
  • started in


  • 32

    acre campus

  • 1590


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To be the college that sets bench mark for educating medical students, research scholars and teachers to be the leaders in creating a healthier better world

To be the hospital that meets the health needs of the people in an ethically and financially responsible manner

To promote evidence based holistic approach to health care


To render par excellent education to students of medical field with a blend of traditional and advance technology.

To improve the lives of communities we serve through excellence in learning and healing with compassionate care.

To deliver accessible health services to all in need of care with compassion, regardless of status or ability to pay.

To enrich learning, embrace change, create innovation and help tackle the most complicated vexing challenges in health care.


The value statement of SRM MCH & RC is “SMART”
S – Service Excellence
M - Monitoring of patient
A - Affordable patient care
R – Rights of patients are respected
T - Teaching and training

Service Excellence

  1. To offer a remarkable patient experience.
  2. Patient feedback are valued and responded.
  3. Consistently look for prospects of improvement of our services.
  4. Continually meet and manage patient expectations.

Monitoring of Patient

  1. Frequent monitoring of patient for progress in the health condition.
  2. 24x7 qualified medical professionals are available all the time including nursing and support service staff.
  3. All inpatients are reassessed twice a day in wards and intensive care area frequent monitoring is done.
  4. Continuous monitoring of patients vital signs or physiological function helps in ensuring patient safety through periodic counselling of changes in patient health condition.

Affordable Patient Care

  1. SRM MCH & RC provides affordable, quality patient care to the community in and around Chengalpattu district and other parts of Tamil Nadu state.
  2. Our goal is to provide patient-centric care through easily accessible and affordable care to poor patients.
  3. Many services are provided free of cost to the patient like Consultation, certain invasive procedures and medication as also food services.
  4. Maternal service is provided free of cost under Smt. Valliammai Scheme and Dr.Muthulakshmi Reddy Scheme.

Rights of Patients are Respected

  1. We respect the spiritual values and beliefs of the patient and relatives.
  2. All the rights of the patients are respected and promoted.
  3. Patients are treated respectfully with smiling face.
  4. Confidentiality of every patient information is maintained.
  5. Respecting or paying attention to patient clinical and psychological needs.
  6. We respect and incorporate patients and their relative's opinions and personal values into treatment decisions.

Teaching and Training

  1. Enrich the learning through many practical sessions and exercises to all Students.
  2. Empowered staff by continuous learning and development.
  3. To enrich the practical skills, we have well equipped SIMULATION CENTRE
  4. Patient education on
    1. Diabetes control – Diabetes nurse educator
    2. Safe use of drugs – Drug information Centre

Quality Policy

  • “SRM MCH & RC is committed to provide Quality Medical Education, Healthcare service and Research at global level with a focus on meeting the requirements of the patients and to continually improve the effectiveness of the service delivery and stay ahead as a Centre of excellence. We enrich and empower our employees by providing an opportunity for continuous learning and development”