The Department of Orthopaedics organized the Ortho Postgraduate Revision course (SPARC). The event focused on honing skills in various avenues of orthopaedic practice, with the participation of 20 faculty members as moderators of the revision course.

The riveting session encompassed a range of engaging activities, including
➔ Long cases
➔ hort cases
➔ Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)
➔ Immersive ward rounds,
➔ X-rays
➔ Intricacies of Implants

SPARC was taken off with the engrossing occurrence of ward rounds, during which participants thoroughly examined practical situations in order to refine their diagnostic abilities and decision-making skills.

SPARC, however, was not solely concerned with conquering the familiar; rather, it sought to establish novel territories. By means of the Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) and an investigation into the complexities of implants, participants were stimulated to surpass conventional thinking, foster innovation, and expand the frontiers of orthopaedic knowledge.

The culmination of SPARC was a transformation journey, not merely an academic exercise. Amidst the interchange of thoughts and perspectives, approximately 104 postgraduate students arose and were enlightened and empowered. Equipped with a recently acquired comprehension of orthopaedic principles, they are positioned to make a lasting impact on the healthcare domain.

The reverberations of SPARC indicate the steadfast dedication to excellence that characterizes SRM Medical College Hospital and Research Centre.