SRMMCH&RC, Department of Community Medicine, organized a Medical Camp at Karanaipuducherry on 3rd February 2024
With the participation of various medical departments, including
● General Surgery
● Obstetrics and Gynaecology
● Pediatrics
● Dermatology
● Psychiatry
● Audiology

Mayo Clinic Team of Clinicians & Researchers from the USA, Dr. Nitin M Nagarkar (Dean – Medical), Dr. Logaraj M (Associate Dean – QA), Dr. V. V. Anantharaman (Head of Community Medicine), and Mrs. Nalini Jegan, the Panchayat President of Karanaipuducherry paid a special visit to the camp

The camp recorded a total of 172 cases, with 75 individuals referred for further treatment. This initiative reflects SRMMCH&RC’s commitment to community well-being and collaborative healthcare efforts.