SRM Medical College Hospital and Research Centre, Department of Community Medicine, collaborated with Nandivaram Primary Health Centre (PHC) and organized a comprehensive health camp on December 23, 2023.

A multi-disciplinary team from SRM Medical College, comprising the Departments
joined hands to provide a diverse range of healthcare services to the community.

The health camp was graced by the presence of Dr. Rajesh, a Medical Officer from Nandivaram PHC, adding valuable expertise to collaborative healthcare.

Health Services Offered:

The health camp aimed to address various health needs of the community with specialized services from various departments. The collaboration with Nandivaram PHC ensured a holistic approach to healthcare delivery.

Community Engagement:
●OPS Attended – 130 attendees attended the health camp services, reflecting the strong community engagement.
●Referrals for further care – 8 cases were identified for additional care and treatment emphasizing the importance of early detection and intervention in addressing the individual’s health concerns.

Additionally, this event had effective medical services that brought awareness for healthy well-being.