Emergency Services/Casualty - SRM Medical College Hospital and Research Centre
Emergency Services/Casualty

Our Services

Central Registration​

Central Registration: Priority to special children, elderly patients and antenatal ​

Help Desk

Help available at the front desk

Battery car​

Provisional battery car for the elderly and patients with limited mobility


Mobilization of Ortho patients through battery car in addition to wheelchair and stretchers

Free patient pickups

Free patient pickups and drop from Main road to Hospital entrance through shuttle service and battery cars.

Complimentary food

Complimentary food provided for IP patients admitted in wards

Free transportation

Free transportation and Complementary food for underprivileged patients coming through camp op/ camp referral

Best in class facilities

Facilities like lab, radiology, blood bank, dialysis and casualty functional round the clock

Low cost rooms

Well-equipped and luxurious special ward rooms at low cost

Green practices

Green practices ensure paperless communication and effective biomedical waste and general waste management.


Eco-friendly environment around the hospital

Non-profit basis cost

All outpatient services subsidized, and in-patient charges are being done at subsidized cost on a non-profit basis.

24/7 Pharmacy

pharmacy viewport image


EMS / Amblance Services

Emergency Ambulance Contact Numbers:

Ambulance (Toll Free Number)


(044) 2747 8000

Ambulance CUG

+91 97919 38643

+91 97919 38637

Emergency Department

(044) 4743 2345

(044) 4743 2346

(044) 4743 2665

(044) 2745 1568

Blood Bank

Tests available

  • ⁍ Antiglobulin tests
  • ⁍ Antibody screening
  • ⁍ Blood grouping and Crossmatching
  • ⁍ Antibody titration

Eye Bank

Functions of Eye

  • ⁍ Tissue management
  • ⁍ Donor preparation
  • ⁍ Corneo-scleral rim excision
  • ⁍ Serological testing of donor blood sample
  • ⁍ Receiving eye donation call
  • ⁍ In-situ corneal excision
  • ⁍ Laboratory corneal excision
  • ⁍ Tissue evaluation