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Key Highlights

  • Acquired license for Heart Transplantation 2017

    Consulting and operation services available on elective and emergency basis
  • 2050 major & minor surgeries performed in the last 7 years

    State-of-the-art operation theatre with excellent facilities for surgery and transplantation
  • Affordable heart care

    24 hours a day availablity for complex chst traumas and cardiac problems at low cost

About Endocrinology

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Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CARBG) Cardiac Support Devices Mitral & Aortic Valve repair & replacement Left Ventricle restoration (Dor procedure)
Radiofrequency ablaion for Atrial fibrillation Lung and Oesophageal resection Evaluation & treatment of mediastinal tumours Surgical treatment of Aortic aneurysms & dissections

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2716 / 2507

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